Marketing automation is a must-have tool for business and consumer marketers. But with dozens of vendors to choose from, selecting the right product is a major challenge. Raab Associates helps marketers successfully navigate the selection process by providing objective, in-depth information and consulting.

Guide to Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data Platforms let marketers take control of building and managing their customer database.  The CDP Guide provides everything you need to know to evaluate these systems.  Click here for details or here to order.

This site can help marketers at every step in the marketing automation process:

  • if you’re just starting to explore what marketing automation means, our Resources section contains a variety of white papers and worksheets.  It’s free to registered users.
  • if you’re ready to select a vendor, our B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) provides detailed, objective information on major vendors and shows which are most appropriate for different users.  Visit the VEST pages or click to order.
  • if you need more personalized help with your selection process or deployment, our consulting services will make sure you get the most from your investment.