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Raab Guide to Account Based Marketing Vendors

Business marketers are eager to embrace Account Based Marketing and vendors are eager to help.  But ABM is a complicated process and it’s hard to know who does what.  The Raab Guide to ABM Vendors gives the answers you need in clear, consistent terms and specific details.  The report profiles 40 vendors who participate in the ABM industry, placing them in a context that will help you assemble the right combination of tools for your particular business needs.

Contents: The ABM Vendor Guide contains 142 pages including:

  • introduction to Account Based Marketing
  • description of ABM functions
  • key subfunctions that differentiate ABM vendors
  • vendor summary chart that shows who does what
  • explanations of information provided in the report
  • vendor profiles including a summary description, list of key features, and detailed descriptions of vendor features across 37 categories including data sources, data storage, data outputs, target selection, planning, execution, analytics, operations, pricing, and vendor background.

Vendors included: Avention, Azalead, Bizible, Bombora, Dun & Bradstreet, Data.com, Datanyze, DemandBase, DiscoverOrg, Engagio, Evergage, Everstring, GetSmartContent, Growth Intelligence, HGData, Infer, InsideView, Kwanzoo, Lattice Engines, Leadspace, LeanData, LinkedIn, LookBookHQ, Madison Logic, Mariana, Mintigo, MRP, Orb Intelligence, Radius, Reachforce, Terminus, The Big Willow, Triblio, TrueInfluence, Uberflip, Vendemore, YesPath, ZenIQ, ZoomInfo, SnapApp.

Objective, Reliable Data: Information in the ABM Vendor Guide is based on independent research by Raab Associates, vendor demonstrations, and client interviews.  Raab Associates has published independent guides to marketing technology vendors since 1992.

The ABM Vendor Guide is the only report to put this emerging class of systems in context and cover each vendor in depth.

Who Should Buy: The ABM Vendor Guide is written for marketers and IT staff who planning to establish or expand their ABM program.  Information is presented in clear, non-technical terms and highlights significant differences among the various systems.

Benefits: The ABM Vendor Guide saves time by assembling information that would otherwise require weeks or months to gather independently.  Specific benefits include:

  • introduces marketers and marketing technologists to systems that can significantly lower the cost and improve the results of their marketing programs.
  • provides enough in-depth information on individual vendors to build a short list of most promising options.
  • includes a list significant items to consider during the vendor selection process, helping to ensure marketers make a sound choice.

Recency: The ABM Vendor Guide was released in August 2016 based on research during June and July.

Price: $495 includes unlimited redistribution within your organization.

Format: PDF file.

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